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Kubernetes and Docker:

The Container Masterclass

Build, Ship, Run and Manage your Containerized Web-application efficiently on local premise and Cloud.

Docker Essentials

The BEST free Docker course on the Internet!

Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Practice Test

Prepare yourself for one of the most in-demand certifications in the IT industry.

Test your knowledge: Kubernetes

Are you ready to face challenges beyond on-premise K8s? This is the best way to find out!

5G & Mobile Comm. for Beginners

Understanding the Science and Business behind the future of Wireless Technology.

Business Intelligence Masterclass with Tableau

Look forward to the exciting stuff!

From Beginners to Expert: K8s on Cloud with GKE

Look forward to the exciting stuff!

Serverless Kubernetes with Google Cloud Run

Look forward to the exciting stuff!

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